Diambra  preparatory program: YOUTH

A preparatory intensive programme for you who are between 12-19 years old and want to take dancing to the next level and prepare for Diambra Dance Education. The Diambra Youth Intensive consisting of 5 classes/week á 1 hour each, hip hop, commercial, contemporary jazz and hype/locking. You will have 4 solid  teachers with mentorship form all of them with personal coaching sessions.  And every sunday different guest teachers. Also Ambra Succi will be your main mentor through the whole year, and the chance to perform.


Ambra Succi
Ambra is the founder and owner of Diambra. She has worked as a dancer, teacher and a choreographer all over the world. After 14 years with the worldwide success with Bounce,  she has choreographed for Loreen,different musicals, operas, danced at the Nobel price ceremony and worked several years with Nike, just to name a few.
She has educated numbers of working dancers at her dance education Diambra for 10 years, and are now teaching the younger generation at Diambra youth.

Jonna Hökengren
Jonna has been working with Ambra for many years, she went to Diambra Dance Education 3 years and is now teaching at the education and working as a professional choreographer and dancer. She has a lot of experience teaching both children and adults and always gives her all while teaching.

Clarissa Mathlin
Clarissa is also educated at Diambra Dance Education, she has a lot of experience teaching teenagers and children. In excess to her working as a dance teacher she also works as a dancer. In Clarissas classes you will dance with a lot of expression and heart.

Benjamin Trossö

Benjamin is also educated at Diambra Dance Education and he is familiar with teaching all ages. You’ve probably seen him behind Alcazar at their show Disco Defenders among others. On his classes he will give you a variation of styles mixing vogueing, jazzfunk and commercial. He will bring out a lot of performance in you, may it be your inner diva or your inner demon.


17.00-18.00 Hip hop/Jazz/Technique- Ambra SucciContemporary/Jazz – Clarissa Mathlin

17.00-18.00 Hip hop – Jonna Hökengren

17.00-18.00 Contemporary/Jazz – Clarissa Mathlin

17.00-18.00 Commercial – Benjamin Trossö

15.30-16.55 Guest Teachers


5000 SEK / Termin á ca 15 weeks