Workshops med internationella koreografer och dansare

Hip-hop, contemporary, rytmik, balett, house, ragga, locking, breaking, jazz, lyrisk jazz, you name it 
Ambra startade diambras workshop-koncept redan år 2000 och har sedan dess organiserat en mängd olika workshops och events. Diambra workshops är intensivkurser med högt utlärningstempo med syfte att inspirera och ge dig möjligheten att utvecklas med sveriges och världens bästa koreografer/dansare. Våra workshops erbjuder en mängd olika stilar, formaten och längderna varierar. En sak är alltid densamma: Bättre inspiration hittar du inte!



DIAMBRA PROUDLY PRESENTES CALVIT HODGE & DANIELE VITALE 28 OCT–1 NOV! We offer you 9 classes in 5 days, both contemporary and hip hop. This week is going to be a challenge for sure, don’t miss out on this incredible chance to dance, share and learn. CALVIT HODGE is back for the second time at [...]

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Dance Without Borders

- A Dance festival We plant a seed that can grow into something bigger and beautiful. An international Dance festival that stands for respect unity and acceptance. Let dance and music bring people together. This year we offer Richfam & Diambra. Come and join us. We want to share our love and passion with you and [...]

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  DIAMBRA PROUDLY PRESENTES ERICA SOBOL, CARLOS DIAZ & MARCIN REBILAS 27 FEB–3 MARCH! We offer you 15 classes in 5 days with 3 different styles and teachers, both contemporary, hip hop and jazzfunk. This week we promise you is going to be filled with dance, passion and a whole lot of fun. Our lovely [...]

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DIAMBRA PROUDLY PRESENTS ROB RICH, MIGUEL ANTONIO AND JULIA SPIESSER! Get ready for a week filled with dance and inspiration, with three different teachers and styles! Our very own ROB RICH, always brings a true passion for dance and his role as a teacher, traveling the world with his world known project ”The Richfam” and he [...]

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