Diambra News 2016

1. New location
2. New Semester Card Plus+
3. New youth dance classes + new more dance classes, styles, teachers



Diambra Preparatory program, YOUTH 2016-2017: Izabella Praesto Choosing DiAmbra Youth was not something I had to think about. I knew that the amount of personal development I could get here was beyond any other dance school. To get personal guidance is just what I needed and I definitely got it. The teachers work with you [...]

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Diambra Preparatory program, YOUTH 2016-2017: Vania Kadir Dancing was something that suddenly entered my life, and I loved it! It became a passion of mine not that long ago. I always wanted to develop and become a better dancer, but didn’t know how. The Diambra youth program was the way to go! I chose the Youth [...]

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Diambra Preparatory Program: YOUTH

A preparatory intensive programme for you who are between 12-19 years old and want to take dancing to the next level and prepare for Diambra Dance Education. The Diambra Youth Intensive consisting of 4 classes/week á 1hour each, hip hop, commercial, contemporary jazz and hype/locking. You will have 4  teachers with mentorship form all of [...]

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