Diambra Summer Drop in

Diambra Summer drop in is back!
Last year the summer drop in was a success, this year is no different!
Don’t stop dancing just cause it’s summer, at Diambra you can take class 26/6-26/7. Different styles and teachers every day, Welcome!


WHEN? 26/6-26/7 2013

PRICE? ONLY 100 SEK/class or 900 SEK/10 classes. CASH ONLY!
WHERE? Diambra c/o Marikas, Döbelnsgatan 56 Stockholm, Tube Station: Rådmansgatan
TEACHERS? Ambra Succi, Dan Gill, Kenny Svensson, Jonna Hökengren, Sara Kullander, Juan Fuenzalida, Sara Galan
STYLES/TECHNIQUES? Hip-Hop, Feminine Vibe, Jazz, Contemporary, Commercial, House, Afro/Dancehall, Golv teknik, Experimental, Modern/CommercialSCHEDULE
Wednesday 25/6
19.30-21.00 Ambra Succi Experimental
Thursday 26/6
18.00-19.30 Ambra Succi Contemporary
19.30-21.00  Nathalie Rosenborg Modern/Commercial
Friday  27/6
18.00-19.30 Juan Fuenzalida Golv teknik
19.30-21.00  Jonna Hökengren Hip-Hop
Wednesday 3/7
19.30-21.00 Kenny Svensson Jazz
Thursday 4/7
18.00-19.30 Juan Fuenzalida House
19.30-21.00 Jonna Hökengren Experimental
Friday  5/7
18.00-19.30 Sara Galan Feminine Vibe
19.30-21.00 Dan Gill  Commercial
Wednesday 10/7
19.30-21.00 Kenny Svensson Contemporary/Jazz
Thursday 11/7
18.00-19.30 Jonna Hökengren Experimental
 19.30-21.00 Juan Fuenzalida Floor technique
Friday 12/7
18.00-19.30 Sara Kullander Jazz
19.30-21.00 Sara Galan Afro/Dancehall
Wednesday 17/7
19.30-21.00 Jonna Hökengren Hip Hop
Thursday 18/7
18.00-19.30 Kenny Svensson Contemporary/Jazz
 19.30-21.00 TBA
Friday  19/7
18.00-19.30 Sara Kullander Jazz
19.30-21.00 Dan Gill Commercial
Wednesday 24/7
19.30-21.00 Jonna Hökengren Hip-Hop
Thursday 25/7
 18.00-21.00 Sara Galan Afro/Dancehall.
 19.30-21.00 Juan Fuenzalida Golv teknik
Friday 26/7
18.00-19.30 Juan Fuenzalida House/Floorwork
19.30-21.00 Andreas Sanchez House
See you at Diambra!


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