My Choice: Diambra!

Why Diambra Dance Education?


Would You like to become a dancer with a wide spectrum? Would You like to meet teachers all over the world? Would You like to go a education that gives you tousands of opportunies? Then you have come to the right place! Diambra have opened my eyes on many levels! As a dancer it’s easy to get stuck in patterns, but surley not here! During this year we have worked with so many teachers and so many styles! Here you can find Your own thing!

What we many times forget that it’s just what it takes to get in the market, originallity! To be a part of Diambra is something I’m thankful for! There is so much love and inspiration here! It becomes your second home! We share love for our passion and support eachother! Would you like to take this chance? Then don’t doubt because you got nothing to loose!

Nadja Björk, Diambra 2014″







20-22 Nov 2017

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Diambra Preparatory program, YOUTH 2016-2017: Felicia Zheng  Diambra Youth  has helped me develop both as a  dancer and as a person. I’ve had the chance to dance with a group of people where I feel like I’m home. I’m being pushed forward on every class and challenged & inspired in different ways! I chose Youth [...]

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Diambra Preparatory program, YOUTH 2016-2017: Izabella Praesto Choosing DiAmbra Youth was not something I had to think about. I knew that the amount of personal development I could get here was beyond any other dance school. To get personal guidance is just what I needed and I definitely got it. The teachers work with you [...]

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