Scenprogram – Diambra C.A.M. Urban Gala

  1. Öppning ”1816″
    Koreografi: Ambra
  2. Serena ”Rather lovely thing”
    Koreografi: Serena
  3. Host: Sanna Bråding
  4. Lac ”Bun ‘Ya”
    Koreografi: LAC
  5. Diambra ”Pleasure”
    Koreografi: Ambra
  6. Joao, Daniel, Mario ”Sci-fish CAM l 2ow”
    Koreografi: Joao & Mario & Daniel
  7. Crystalize
    Koreografi: Ambra
  8. Nanna ”The criminal”
    Koreografi: Nanna
  9. Host: Sanna Bråding + dansare
  10. Sara galan 2 percussions
    Koreografi: Sara Galan
  11. ”Spirits”
    Koreografi: Ambra
  12. Cherie Cherokee
    Koreografi: Ambra
  13. Juan Simon ”Oskyldig”
    Koreografi: Juan & Simon
  14. Host: Sanna Bråding
  15. Pablo ”Let’s get back to the old school”
    Koreografi: Pablo
  16. Diambra Jonna
    Koreografi: Jonna
  17. Sara Kullander ”A chapter in my life”
    Koreografi: Sara Kullander
  18. Wanda ”Loveandhate”
    Koreografi: Wanda
  19. Scratch/I mind
    Koreografi: Ambra
  20. Lords
    Koreografi: Ambra
  21. Host: Sanna Bråding
  22. TriForce
  23. Final
    Koreografi: Ambra


  • 3 DJ’s som spelar på scenen
  • DJ Steve Jones, DJ Funky Loffe, DJ Thea Bronx

Diambra show: ”I AM ME” – PROGRAM

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18 JUNI 2017

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Dance Without Borders – A Dance festival

We plant a seed that can grow into something big and beautiful. An International Dance Festival that stands for respect, unity and acceptance. Let’s dance and bring people together. This year we offer Richfam & Diambra. Come and join us. We want to share our love and passion with you and welcome everybody with open arms to [...]

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