Svenska Designpriset 2013

Diambra is nominated for The Swedish Design Award 2013 in the category Webb Identity.
People are voting as you are reading this! 50% are the jury’s decision and 50% the people’s! Don’t miss out on letting your voice get heard! Just visit Svenska Designpriset and vote for Diambra. It will only take you 30 seconds!

1. To vote, just click the link 
2. Scroll down to category ”3B – Identitet Webb”, all the way down and click on ”Rösta”  just below ”Diambra”.
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and push ”Gå vidare till nästa steg”.
4. Don’t forget to fill in your email address and also to confirm your vote trough the email you get from The Swedish Design Award in your inbox! 
Done! Thank you!

Diambra show: ”I AM ME” – PROGRAM

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18 JUNI 2017

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Dance Without Borders – A Dance festival

We plant a seed that can grow into something big and beautiful. An International Dance Festival that stands for respect, unity and acceptance. Let’s dance and bring people together. This year we offer Richfam & Diambra. Come and join us. We want to share our love and passion with you and welcome everybody with open arms to [...]

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