1. When did you attend Diambra Dance Education?
I went to Diambra Dance Education for two years. 2015/2016 and 2016/2017.

2.What have you done since then?
The same year as I graduated I started to work as a dancer in Fredrik  Benke Rydmans The Nutcracker Reloaded and was a part of that show in  Sweden and on tour until the last show in the beginning of 2019.
I have been working as a teacher at the Diambra Youth program and also  been teaching regular classes and workshops in different parts of  Sweden.
Was a part of the cast that danced at Polarpriset 2019 that Ambra  Succi choreographed as a honor to DJ GrandMaster Flash. I have been  doing some smaller industry jobs as well.
Today I also work as a part of the Diambra Office.

3.How has Diambra helped you reach your goals within dance?
Diambra have given me the foundation to be able to work as a  multisided dancer. The education really thought me how to be a smart  dancer. How to behave at rehearsals and Jobs, the importance of  practising my mindset and of Course technical foundation in many  Different styles.

4.Would you recommend Diambra and why?
Yes I would Recommend Diambra. I would recommend it for everyone that  wants to work with dance one way or Another. I am still thinking about  and learning what I was practising during my time at the education,  beacuase thats how much information this education holds. I recommend  the Education for everyone that wants to practise and be the best you  can be.

5.What do you think Diambra stands for?
Diambra are about so much more then just Dance.
Diambra is about being the best you without limitations of where you  come from or where you are going. Diambra is also about family I  Think. I met so many of my friends that I now would call family at  Diambra.

7. What do you think Diambra has done for the swedish dance scene?
First of all Diambra have really helped some amazing and smart dancers  to the stages. Displine and hard work are in the minds of the dancers  that works Today coming from Diambra. I also Think that Diambra have  brought diversity to the community in Sweden. When you look at the  jobs Diambra do but also the dancers are very diverse.
For me personally I think Diambra have brought a platform for dancers,  musicians, DJs choreographers and more to express themselves and that  we all work together.

After Diambra

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DiAmbra blev tillslut så mycket mer än vad  förväntat mig. Till en början hade jag bara hört bra saker om diambra och majoriteten av dansarna som gått här talar för sig själva, hur drivna och passionerade de är samt hur bra det går för dem efter utbildningen. Så efter att jag gjort audition blev jag […]

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In the beginning when I was looking for a dance school I didn’t know which dance education I wanted to go to. I asked my friend in Norway and she told me about Diambra.  I stared to do reach about the education and thought “this sounds like what I’m looking for” I wanted to do […]

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