After Diambra



1.When did you attend Diambra Dance Education? 


2. What have you done since then? 

I trained with Diambra at a pretty young age. I have been pretty busy since then. I worked in Austria at a youth company as a dancer. I went on to study at The Juilliard School in New York where I received a BFA from the Dance department in 2019. I have worked with dance in different contexts in Sweden and New York. Since my graduation I’ve been working to develop my own choreographic and artistic voice by collaborating with other artists. When COVID struck, I moved to Visby on Gotland to take some time to slow down and work on independent projects. 


3. How has Diambra helped you reach your goals? 

It was a long time since I trained with Diambra. I am still at the beginning of my career and still developing my own dance language. I always find myself rediscovering concepts and ways of moving that I found during my time at Diambra. It was an important experience to have early in my career. It taught me to step outside my comfort zone and see the rich palette of what dance is, and what dance can be. The way I move today began during my time with Diambra.


4. Would you recommend Diambra and why? 

I don’t know what the education looks like now, and I don’t know how the teachers are approaching the work today. The core of the education was always to cover as much ground as possible. It can be a useful experience for someone who wants to work hard and is open to seeing dance from different perspectives.


5. What do you think Diambra stands for?
To me, Diambra stands for diversity.


6. Who is a good fit for Diambra?
It fits for a person who is interested in learning to approach their dance in a new way while working hard to get there.

7. What has Diambra done for the Swedish dance scene?
Diambra has given Sweden dancers who are open minded and dedicated to exploration and experimentation.





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