Ambra Succi – Biography



I teach dance workshops in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Heels, Ragga, Experimental Hip-Hop and Choreography Process around the world. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, England, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Russia, Belarus, Belgrade, Greeze, Turkey. Such as;

-SDK Streetdance Kemp in Brno
-Urban Dance Camp ,Germany
-Who Got Skillz, Belgrade

Since 2007 I founded my own Diambra Dance Education, a one year intensive program where I teach and mentor young talanted students that wants to become professional dancers.

2010 I founded my own Dance Company ” Crazy Artist Movement” as well as my own Agency and Management. Also known as Diambra C.A.M or just C.A.M

I create and produce short pieces as well as whole evening theatre shows. I write ideas/scripts and creative concepts and recently I also started to create my own music. I constantly seek more challenges to make myself grow and learn more. Broaden my perspectives and push my creative limits. Still curious and passionate about my work. So many ideas I want to fullfill.


I was one of the members and founders of Bounce Streetdance Company- Sweden’s most famous dance group – who created and produced a variety of performances in Sweden, Europe and Asia. We were active for 14,5 years.


-Rot 2



-Freaky Flow

-Bounce The Show

-Bounce vs. Petter

-The Score

-Bounce Live

-Insane In The Brain – A Streetdance Version Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

-Caution !

-The Last Bounce


Swedish King’s House Silver Wedding (2001)

Jurymedlem Floor Filler, TV 3 (2006)

Nobel Banketten, at the Cityhall (2006)

The world’s children galan, SVT (2009)

Michael Jackson Flashmob, Stockholm (2009)


I have since 1995 created and participated in a variety of productions – Dance Competitions, Cultural events, Festivals, TV Commercials, Musicals, Theatre Performances, Operas, Musicvideos and Events … as a Dancer and / or Choreographer and/ or Artistic Director and/or Producer.

Here’s a selection;

If/Then at Malmö Opera 2017
- Choreographer

The Festival: ”Dance without Boarders” 2017
- One of the Choreographers and the Founder & Producer

Both live performances and musicvideo for the artist Iman 2017
Songs: ”Not Down 4 whatever” & Thug Life
- Choreographer and Artist Coach

Nobel Price Banquett at Stockholm City Hall 2016
- Choreographer

Carmen the Opera at Dalhalla, Rättvik 2016
- Choreographer and dancer (Spastia )

Bulgaria Eurovision Song Contest 4th 2016
- Choreographer and Artistic Director

”Grey People” Intermission Act at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016
- Dancer

Bamse the spectacular family show at Waterfront in Stockholm 2016
- Choreographer and Coach

Martin Fröst ”Genesis” the Concert 2015
- Choreographer

”American Idiot” the Punk Rock Musical by Green Day, 2015 Cirkus in Stockholm
- Choreographer

”American Idiot” the Punk Rock Musical by Green Day, 2014 Malmö Opera
- Choreographer

Audition for ”So you think you can dance” Russia 2015
- Choreographer and teacher

Martin Fröst ”Dollhouse” the Concert 2015
- Choreographer

Striving To Achieve 2013 & 2014 & 2015 & 2016 – Dansenshus, Stockholm, Sweden
- Choreographer, Artistic Director and Producer

The Richboyz Show ”NINJA” – Sweden 2014
- One of the Choreographers and the Producer

Christmas Gala 2014, Sweden, Artists: Petra Marklund & Timbuktu
- One of the Choreographers

”Blanche & Marie” the Opera World Premiere, Norrlands Operan, Sweden 2014
- Choreographer and Movement Coach

LVDS Dance company, Bangalore India 2014
- Choreographer and Teacher

The Richboyz Show ”NINJA”, Israel 2014
- One of the Choreographers

Oslo Royal Dance Universitiy 2014
- One of the Choreographers and teacher

Oslo Spinn off Dance School 2014
- One of the Choreographers and Teachers

Nike Blast & NTC Tour at Globe in Stockholm 2014
- Choreographer

”Ganster” The RichBoyz Show in Palermo, Italy 2014
- One of the Choreographes 

Cabaret the Musical for Malmö City Theater, 2014
- Choreographer

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – Artist: Robin Stjernberg, Song title:”You” ( Won the Swedish title )
- Choreographer

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – Artist:  Loreen’s medley
- Choreographer and DOP

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – Artist: Loreen, Song title: ”Euphoria” ( the winner )
- Choreographer, Artistic Director and DOP

A streetdance version of Swanlake 2012
- Dancer Roles: The black swan, one of the white swans

X-Factor Sweden 2012
- Main Choreographer

So You Think You Can Dance – Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Finland, Russia)
- Judge and Choreographer

MTV Music Awards, Sweden
- Dancer

Melodifestivalen 2012
Artist: Mimi Oh,
Song title: ”It’s going to be slow”
- Choreographer

Melodifestivalen 2012
Artist : Loreen, Song title: ”My Heart is Refusing Me”
- Choreographer

Melodifestivalen 2011
Artist: Danny Saucedo,
Song title: ”In the Club”
- Assisting Choreographer 

Melodifestivalen 2011
Artist: Dilba
Song title: ”Try Again”
- Choreographer 

Sevilla World Exhibition, Spain
- Dancer

B-Supreme B-Girl Festival, London, England
- Solo Dancer

Carnival Romeo & Juliet, Los Angeles, USA
- Dancer

Hype The Hip-Hop Musical, Helsinki, Finland
- Dancer and Singer

Fiddler On The Roof, Helsinki, Finland
- Dancer and Singer

Choreographers Show Down
- Dancer, Choreographer and Producer

Skanska Golden Helmet Awards, Sweden
- Choreographer and Creative Director

Ericsson Gold Medal Gala, Sweden
- Dancer, Choreographer and Creative Director

NE Knowledge Channel, Stockholm Cityhall
- Dancer and Choreographer

JC Jeans company, TV commercial, Sweden
- Choreographer and Coach

Fame the Visucal in Örebro by Silent Theatre 2012
 - Choreographer and Movement Coach

Popstar the TV show, Sweden 2007
- Movement Coach/Artist Coach during the tv show and as a Choreographer for the winner ”Supernatural”



1995-96: Scholarship Student Tanssivintti OY, Helsinki Finland

1996-97: Scholarship Student Broadway Dance Center, New York, USA

1997-98: Ballet Academy Stockholm, Sweden