Ambra Succi – Biography



I teach dance workshops in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Heels, Ragga, Experimental Hip-Hop and Choreography Process around the world. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, England, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Russia, Belarus, Belgrade, Greeze, Turkey. Such as;

-SDK Streetdance Kemp in Brno
-Urban Dance Camp ,Germany
-Who Got Skillz, Belgrade

Since 2007 I founded my own Diambra Dance Education, a one year intensive program where I teach and mentor young talanted students that wants to become professional dancers.

2010 I founded my own Dance Company ” Crazy Artist Movement” as well as my own Agency and Management. Also known as Diambra C.A.M or just C.A.M

I create and produce short pieces as well as whole evening theatre shows. I write ideas/scripts and creative concepts and recently I also started to create my own music. I constantly seek more challenges to make myself grow and learn more. Broaden my perspectives and push my creative limits. Still curious and passionate about my work. So many ideas I want to fullfill.



I have since 1995 created and participated in a variety of productions – Dance Competitions, Cultural events, Festivals, TV Commercials, Musicals, Theatre Performances, Operas, Musicvideos and Events … as a Dancer and / or Choreographer and/ or Artistic Director and/or Producer.

Here’s a selection;

Malta Eurovision artist Michaela Pace 2019

20.000 Leagues under the Sea theatre production at Västmanlands teater in Västerås 2019
-Choreographer & Composer 

 Opera ”Orlando” at the Royal Opera in Stockholm 2019
– Choreographer/Movement Coach

Instructor for SATS training Day at Fryshuset 2019

 Renaida in Melodifestivalen 2018
– Choreographer and Artistic Director

Political Cabare ”Vinnare tar Allt” at Malmö Stadsteater 2018

The world famous clarinetist Martin Fröst ”Genesis” at Gothenburg Concert House 2018

Barbie Escobar at Melodifestivalen 2018

 LYSSNA a whole evening dance performance, real people with real stories about violence #metoo 2018
– Producer, Music Producer, Writer and Choreographer

Festival ”Dance without Borders” in Stockholm 2018
-Producer and partly Choreographer

 Opera Don Quijote at Folkoperan in Stockholm 2018

The performance of Anikid at the alternative Nobel Prize gala at Berns 2018
-Dancer & Choreographer

SVDA18 at Globen in Stockholm 2018
– Choreographer

”Striving to Achieve” performed by Diambra CAM at Dansenshus Stockholm 2017

– Choreographer and Producer

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s fashion show Atozbyzlatan in Oslo Norway 2017
– Choreographer

 Eurovision Young Dancers in Prague 2017


 ”Änglar” in the music video documentary of Cherrie 2017

– Choreographer

Jana Burceska from Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017
– Choreographer and Artistic Director

 Faktum Galan in Gothenburg 2017
– Dancer & Choreographer

Nike Convention at Fotografiska in Stockholm 2017
– Choreographer

Entrepreneur of the year Award at the City Hall in Stockholm 2017

– Choreographer

If/Then at Malmö Opera 2017
– Choreographer

The Festival: ”Dance without Boarders” 2017
– One of the Choreographers and the Founder & Producer

Both live performances and musicvideo for the artist Iman 2017
Songs: ”Not Down 4 whatever” & Thug Life
– Choreographer and Artist Coach

Nobel Price Banquett at Stockholm City Hall 2016
– Choreographer

Carmen the Opera at Dalhalla, Rättvik 2016
– Choreographer and dancer (Spastia )

Bulgaria Eurovision Song Contest 4th 2016
– Choreographer and Artistic Director

”Grey People” Intermission Act at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016
– Dancer

Bamse the spectacular family show at Waterfront in Stockholm 2016
– Choreographer and Coach

Martin Fröst ”Genesis” the Concert 2015
– Choreographer

”American Idiot” the Punk Rock Musical by Green Day, 2015 Cirkus in Stockholm
– Choreographer

”American Idiot” the Punk Rock Musical by Green Day, 2014 Malmö Opera
– Choreographer

Audition for ”So you think you can dance” Russia 2015
– Choreographer and teacher

Martin Fröst ”Dollhouse” the Concert 2015
– Choreographer

Striving To Achieve 2013 & 2014 & 2015 & 2016 – Dansenshus, Stockholm, Sweden
– Choreographer, Artistic Director and Producer

The Richboyz Show ”NINJA” – Sweden 2014
– One of the Choreographers and the Producer

Christmas Gala 2014, Sweden, Artists: Petra Marklund & Timbuktu
– One of the Choreographers

”Blanche & Marie” the Opera World Premiere, Norrlands Operan, Sweden 2014
– Choreographer and Movement Coach

LVDS Dance company, Bangalore India 2014
– Choreographer and Teacher

The Richboyz Show ”NINJA”, Israel 2014
– One of the Choreographers

Oslo Royal Dance Universitiy 2014
– One of the Choreographers and teacher

Oslo Spinn off Dance School 2014
– One of the Choreographers and Teachers

Nike Blast & NTC Tour at Globe in Stockholm 2014
– Choreographer

”Ganster” The RichBoyz Show in Palermo, Italy 2014
– One of the Choreographes 

Cabaret the Musical for Malmö City Theater, 2014
– Choreographer

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – Artist: Robin Stjernberg, Song title:”You” ( Won the Swedish title )
– Choreographer

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – Artist:  Loreen’s medley
– Choreographer and DOP

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – Artist: Loreen, Song title: ”Euphoria” ( the winner )
– Choreographer, Artistic Director and DOP

A streetdance version of Swanlake 2012
– Dancer Roles: The black swan, one of the white swans

X-Factor Sweden 2012
– Main Choreographer

So You Think You Can Dance – Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Finland, Russia)
– Judge and Choreographer

MTV Music Awards, Sweden
– Dancer

Melodifestivalen 2012
Artist: Mimi Oh,
Song title: ”It’s going to be slow”
– Choreographer

Melodifestivalen 2012
Artist : Loreen, Song title: ”My Heart is Refusing Me”
– Choreographer

Melodifestivalen 2011
Artist: Danny Saucedo,
Song title: ”In the Club”
– Assisting Choreographer 

Melodifestivalen 2011
Artist: Dilba
Song title: ”Try Again”
– Choreographer 

Sevilla World Exhibition, Spain
– Dancer

B-Supreme B-Girl Festival, London, England
– Solo Dancer

Carnival Romeo & Juliet, Los Angeles, USA
– Dancer

Hype The Hip-Hop Musical, Helsinki, Finland
– Dancer and Singer

Fiddler On The Roof, Helsinki, Finland
– Dancer and Singer

Choreographers Show Down
– Dancer, Choreographer and Producer

Skanska Golden Helmet Awards, Sweden
– Choreographer and Creative Director

Ericsson Gold Medal Gala, Sweden
– Dancer, Choreographer and Creative Director

NE Knowledge Channel, Stockholm Cityhall
– Dancer and Choreographer

JC Jeans company, TV commercial, Sweden
– Choreographer and Coach

Fame the Visucal in Örebro by Silent Theatre 2012
 – Choreographer and Movement Coach

Popstar the TV show, Sweden 2007
– Movement Coach/Artist Coach during the tv show and as a Choreographer for the winner ”Supernatural”



I was one of the members and founders of Bounce Streetdance Company- Sweden’s most famous dance group – who created and produced a variety of performances in Sweden, Europe and Asia. We were active for 14,5 years.


-Rot 2



-Freaky Flow

-Bounce The Show

-Bounce vs. Petter

-The Score

-Bounce Live

-Insane In The Brain – A Streetdance Version Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

-Caution !

-The Last Bounce


Swedish King’s House Silver Wedding (2001)

Jurymedlem Floor Filler, TV 3 (2006)

Nobel Banketten, at the Cityhall (2006)

The world’s children galan, SVT (2009)

Michael Jackson Flashmob, Stockholm (2009)



1995-96: Scholarship Student Tanssivintti OY, Helsinki Finland

1996-97: Scholarship Student Broadway Dance Center, New York, USA

1997-98: Ballet Academy Stockholm, Sweden