We wish all of our costumers, old and new a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
To end 2018 and start the new year in the best way possible we offer you a Christmas sale. The sale involves, drop in classes, the workshop week 9 and the Diambra Preparatory youth program. Christmas sale 21/12-31/12!

Diambra Preparatory Youth program 2019/2020:  6000 SEK (instead of 6500 SEK)
Workshop (25/2-28/2), 8 classes : 1600 SEK (instead of 2200 SEK)
10 X classcard : 1000 SEK ( instead of 1200  SEK)



SOFIA BERGSTEN   1. When did you attend Diambra Dance Education? I went to Diambra Dance Education for two years. 2015/2016 and 2016/2017. 2.What have you done since then? The same year as I graduated I started to work as a dancer in Fredrik  Benke Rydmans The Nutcracker Reloaded and was a part of that show in  Sweden and on tour until the last show in the beginning of […]

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After Diambra

SIMON RYDÈN   1.When did you attend Diambra Dance Education?   2011–2013.   2. What have you done since then?  I trained with Diambra at a pretty young age. I have been pretty busy since then. I worked in Austria at a youth company as a dancer. I went on to study at The Juilliard School […]

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DiAmbra blev tillslut så mycket mer än vad  förväntat mig. Till en början hade jag bara hört bra saker om diambra och majoriteten av dansarna som gått här talar för sig själva, hur drivna och passionerade de är samt hur bra det går för dem efter utbildningen. Så efter att jag gjort audition blev jag […]

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