My Choice: Diambra!

Why Diambra Dance Education?


This is what DIAMBRA means to me.

D: stands for DANCE. This is a huge opportunity to grow as a dancer and as a person, learn new things  everyday, try dance styles out of your comfort zone and just dance your heart out.

I: stands for INDIVIDUALITY. Here you don’t have to look or be anyone else except yourself. You can explore freely and find your own path. I: also stands for INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS!

A: stands for ADVANCED. You don’t have to be the best dancer at every style, because you are here to learn and grow. If you’re ready to work hard, you will achieve your goals and you have an AMAZING team of teachers and classmates who support you.  You will reach that advanced level if you set your mind to it.

M: stand for MEMORIES. I promise, you will make memories and friends that you will never forget. Those special MOMENTS that you see your hard work pay off.

B: stand for BIG- HEARTED.  Mentors and teachers who really care about you, push you to your limits and are there for you to ask questions, support and guide you into the real life of a dancer.

R: stands for REGULAR. Nothing about this education is regular except the regular classes you have every week. The styles are ballet,commercial, hiphop/jazz, african/dancehall and house. On top of that you have classes with guest teachers, drop-in classes and amazing workshops to choose from!

A: stand for AMAZING. The choice to audition for Diambra has been the best one for me. I’ve learned so much in these two years (yes you can go more than one year!!), grown, found my unique style, found my confidence and made friends from all around the world. I’ve gotten to perform, learn from the best, do things I’ve only dreamed about.

So take that chance. Don’t be afraid and apply. Reach for your dreams!

Love, Clarissa


Clarissa Mathlin, Diambra 2014


Celebration of Hip hop for Grandmaster Flash at the Music Polar prize 2019

11/6 2019

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