Andreas Sanchez

Andreas started dancing Hip Hop in Rinkeby when he was 7 years old and ”worked” his way up in the various groups and got to dance at the 1994 Grammis Galan in Sweden. This made it clear to him that he wanted to become a dancer while others wanted to become a professional soccer players. He discovered House around 2003 and it has been the only thing he wants to be involved with dance wise since. That’s where he feels he can express himself in the best possible way. Anderas is now a member of the Progressive People, Quid Pro Quo and Diambra CAM. He teaches in Hip Hop and House. Andreas is educated at Södra Latin’s High School, where he attended the arts program focusing on dancing. There after, he trained at Åsa Folkhögskola (street line) and at Broadway Dance Center (ISVP programs).

1. What is the main focus on your classes?

I teach the basics and an understanding for the style.Through various exercises you will get different tools that you should be able to express yourself and develop your own style in House.

2. Which qualities do you think are important for a dancer?

A person who is honest in his/her dancing and does not limit itself to the development of his style/styles. To have knowledge of the style/styles you’re doing.

3. What makes your style unique?

I work hard and I’m dedicated to always keep on developing , have fun with my dance and to challenge myself and take things to the next level. I work a lot with the musicality and an organic movement.

4. What inspires you?

People who inspire me and motivate me to improve are my Crew, Progressive People, Quid Pro Quo, and Robert ”Rob One” Wäger and Martin C Feretti. Seeing the students development and that you can never stop learning and developing their dance, you can always dance to the next step!