Imenella Araweelo Bashir


As a dancer, Imenella has focused on dancehall as her main style of expression and has for over 10 years been an active teacher and performer. She travels to Jamaica each year to stay up to date with the street dances of Kingston as well as collaborating and sharing with the local dancers and creators of the steps that are used in dancehall. Imenella has won many international dance competitions as a freestyle dancer, among them the International Dancehall Championships in Jamaica, the Streetstar Dancehall battles 2013 & 2016 as well as the title of Sweden’s Official Dancehall Queen.

The main focus in Imenella’s classes is to get comfortable in the expressive and energetic style that is dancehall as well as understanding and embracing the dancehall culture in a respectful way. The choreographic parts of class will be aimed towards everyone who wants to challenge themselves and learn how to use the dancehall steps in a creative way.

2. Which qualities do you think are important for a dancer?

Imenella’s way of teaching is motivated by musicality and she inspires students to find their own personality within the steps and songs that are being used in class. Versatility in expression as well as confidence is being emphasized through working with dynamics within the movement.

3. What makes your style unique?

The style in which Imenella specializes is unique in it’s way of using steps in a new and challenging way, advanced as well as basic moves become intricate combos with the layers of musicality and space for free expression.

4. What inspires you?

Her inspiration comes from everything around her and she believes in drawing knowledge and motivation from each and all aspects of daily life as every movement originates from those fundamental moments. Dancehall has brought her all over the world to teach, learn, compete and develop as a dancer and all the people she meets in these contexts are sources of inspiration and strength.