Kevin Wedin

Kevin has since the age of 10 been a part of the hip hop culture in the way of music, attitude, style etc. He listened to funk, house and hip hop, music that made him move, feel free and happy. It was nothing serious, just a way of letting go and escape reality for the moment.

 He went deeper into the hip hop and house styles and started studying to get a deeper understanding of the essense of the music and movement within these styles, and see simularities between where it comes from(roots)


What is the main focus on your classes?

Music first, understanding of how you accent different sounds in the body to show a clearity of what instrument you are reflecting, and of course understanding the build up of music. Roots of hip hop and basis and the groove to understand the roots, the grow from that foundation into deeper understanding of our own body and what abilities we have as individuals, different body equals different qualities and power.

What qualitys do you think is important for a dancer?

Music should make you move not the other way. Be true to what you express, a deeper understanding of your own qualities what your body is capeble of. Being able to show a clear message with the body language in connection with the instruments accent.

 What makes your style unique?

I been working hard lately on being humble to my self  and trying to figure out who Kevin is. As i started dance i had a strong personality but my weakness was technique and basics. But now after i worked hard, it will allways goe deeper in the body. Well im always searchin to find out more and more about my self as Kevin and my style and quality in music and so on.

What inspireas you?

Every person inspiers me in diffrent ways, there is aways something uniqe with all of us. Nature gives me ideas and inspiration into my mind, from wind to water etc. People who are honest and allow them to be who they are in their kind of art. My teachers are a big inspiration, the ones that open my mind and giving me a deeper understanding of music-dance, Martin ferretti and rob one, Niki.