Mantas Rimeikis

I was part of The Hip Drop one year international education program 2013/2014 where I was fortunate to learn from world class choreographers including: Tony Tzar, Andye J, Shaun Evaristo, David Moore, Anthony Lee, just to name a few. In summer 2014 I  moved to Stockholm to continue my development and decided that I want to give back to community by sharing what I’ve learned so far which led to realisation that I have a passion for teaching. 

1. What is the main focus on your classes?

 Two main things would be to help my students develop understanding in dynamics and musicality. Additional challenges will vary depending on choreography and what I think my students would benefit from.

2. Which qualities do you think are important for a dancer?

 The most important I think is to always remain a student and look for ways to improve yourself, stay open minded and remember why you started.

3. What makes your style unique?

 My style is always changing since I keep on learning new things about dance and myself, but one thing I always strive for is to embody the feeling of the song I am choreographing to.

4. What inspires you?

 It can be art, music, movies, other dancers, travels or basically any new experience.