Marvil Comics Iglesias

My name is Marvil, I have been dancing since I can remember, started with local dances from the Philippines, down to musical and jazz, and eventually into street and club styles (Locking, House, Vogue, Waacking).

1. What is the main focus on your classes?

Realness! Haha, I want my students to OWN their bodies and the way it moves as well as striving to improve in technique. So expect a lot of variations of basic steps as well as simple yet effective combos in order to train threading steps.

2. Which qualities do you think are important for a dancer?

Especially in club and street styles, I find that the most important factor in dancers is the way they treat the music they dance to. So step 1 is learning to enjoy and appreciate the music, Even the best stage performers and dancers should also be able to get as much adrenaline dancing in their living rooms.

3. What makes your style unique?

I’m a playful individual, and it’s vital for me to put play into my creativity. For every style I do, I never lose that element of play. Have I said the word ”play” too many times now? 😛

Play doesn’t always mean smiles and giggles, it just means that I don’t limit myself to what I perceive is conventional, I’m not afraid to make mistakes in order to find something new about my dance.

4. What inspires you?

The dancers around me whom I see grow every day, whether they are veterans or started a month ago, I love to see development because it pushes me to keep moving forward with everyone. I also take a lot of inspiration from improvisational theatre and storytelling, I honestly believe that dance should be more of a conversation rather than just steps.