Pawel Krupa

My name is Pawel ”Pablo” Krupa and I am professional dancer/choreographer/teacher as well as Personal Trainer living and working in Stockholm. I have been connected with dance for more than 20 years starting from ballroom, modern and recently working with house and hip hop dance. I have been blessed to work with the best in Sweden and in the world by: taking classes and workshops and being part of productions like: Striving to Achieve; Ninja (Richfam); American Idiot (musical) or 5 degrees. I also joined many street dance battles with successes and been working with: music artists, commercial events or theatre. Lately I am also involved with fitness world where I work as a PT as well as having my own training concept.


What is the main focus on your classes?

Main focus in my classes is about technical foundation, musicality and performance. I believe that you have to learn step by step when it comes to street dance technique that is why there is a lot basic technique and steps in my classes. I am also a high energy teacher so I love intensity and dedication in my class and I try to push people towards greatness in physical movement.

Which qualities do you think are important for a dancer?

I think that the most important is hard work! If you gonna work hard and have a great attitude about learning from others you will get there!

What makes your style unique?

My style is changing as I am chaining but what you can expect is energy, intensity and musicality.

What inspires you?

Everything and everybody around me.