Diambra Preparatory program, YOUTH 2016-2017: Izabella Praesto

Choosing DiAmbra Youth was not something I had to think about. I knew that the amount of personal development I could get here was beyond any other dance school.

To get personal guidance is just what I needed and I definitely got it. The teachers work with you individually and they get to know what you want to do with your dancing.
If you are there to have fun they maximize the experience or if you want to work with a specific dance profession in the future they help you achieve that.
At a dance school like DiAmbra you feel included, you are a part of a family while you get the results you are striving for!


16 days, 13 teachers, 48 classes, LETS GO! We once again open up the doors to our Diambra C.A.M-P but this year for 4 weeks instead of 1! Due to the current situation in the world we want to offer more training here at home since we won’t be traveling that much this summer. Different styles […]

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  Finally! Now we can offer Diambra Hoodies. In 4 different colors and sizes, there is something for everyone. Black, Grey, Orange or Lilac. ENJOY!   BUY HOODIE VIA PAYPAL: 1. Select your color and size in the PayPal menu below 2. Select delivery method SENT TO YOU   –  Add and pay for ”shipment” […]

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WE’RE GONNA START 2020 OF WITH A BANG! Ambra celebrates 20 years of organizing workshops, yes 20 YEARS. That calls for a celebration and what better way to celebrate than with some dancing, dancing and some more dancing!? Get ready and sign up, these workshops will fill up fast. We have gathered some of the […]

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