Diambra Preparatory program, YOUTH 2016-2017: Vania Kadir

Dancing was something that suddenly entered my life, and I loved it! It became a passion of mine not that long ago. I always wanted to develop and become a better dancer, but didn’t know how. The Diambra youth program was the way to go!

I chose the Youth program because I really wanted to focus on my dancing and develop as much as possible. Since the Diambra Youth program is divided into four classes a week, I believe that it would give me the opportunity to improve and make process.You become better as a dancer in many different ways. You learn to take in more choreography and to convey feelings and emotions. They will push you to your limits, you will become more brave and learn to take risks. Personally I feel that I have developed! Not only when it comes to choreography and technique but also learning more about myself and my body.

Every teacher is different and has their own style, which makes them special. One thing our mentors taught us was to dance our own way and be different.

The youth program was defiantly the right choice!


16 days, 13 teachers, 48 classes, LETS GO! We once again open up the doors to our Diambra C.A.M-P but this year for 4 weeks instead of 1! Due to the current situation in the world we want to offer more training here at home since we won’t be traveling that much this summer. Different styles […]

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  Finally! Now we can offer Diambra Hoodies. In 4 different colors and sizes, there is something for everyone. Black, Grey, Orange or Lilac. ENJOY!   BUY HOODIE VIA PAYPAL: 1. Select your color and size in the PayPal menu below 2. Select delivery method SENT TO YOU   –  Add and pay for ”shipment” […]

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WE’RE GONNA START 2020 OF WITH A BANG! Ambra celebrates 20 years of organizing workshops, yes 20 YEARS. That calls for a celebration and what better way to celebrate than with some dancing, dancing and some more dancing!? Get ready and sign up, these workshops will fill up fast. We have gathered some of the […]

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